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Overstep Leads strives to provide the finest quality leads and saving you time in cold calls, follow-ups and stress. Save Time and Utilize time closing not chasing. For Over 2 years more than 500 clients have tried, tested, recommended and enjoyed our great service and most of them are still using our service to grow their business overnight.

On the 1st of February of 2021, we came up with a new idea of this sales program and our guys are now fully trained on how to make this program fruitful for our clients.
Leads: Our traditional leads has been helping our clients follow up with the prospect and call those people scheduled by us for our clients. We have mentioned the sample of our lead recording below.

Recording link :

Live Transfers: Our live calls are best for our clients to give the customers their introduction and setup a time to call them back and tell them more about the product/service. You can listed to the live transfer recording below.

Sales Program: Our sales program allows us to confirm from the customer their affordability and willingness to purchase the product. WE give the customers an estimated cost on how much average its going to cost them and then test their affordability of the program. If they can afford we then take the most of the information required to fill out an application and then transfer those customers live to our clients.